• Old River Elementary opened to its students on August 20, 2007. This much anticipated event was heralded by all of our "Wranglers", staff and the parents of our neighborhood. Old River Elementary continues the tradition of Excellence in Education as evidenced by our sister schools in the Panama Buena Vista School District. We are proud of and wish to extend this legacy of service and achievement.

    After dialog with our stakeholders, and as approved by our Board of Trustees, our mascot, the Wrangler, and our motto "Honest Words, Honest Actions, and an Honest Day's Work...American values for the 21st century" was enthusiastically embraced by our students and staff. The notions of self-reliance, a sense of history and the natural tie to how people from many backgrounds sought opportunity on the frontier that is now our community resonate on our campus.

    We challenge ourselves and our students to do our level best each day just as folks who found success in an earlier time did. Working together, we are confident that Old River Elementary and our Wranglers will continue to earn a solid reputation for quality education, service, innovation, and excellence.

    With the hard work of our students, our parents, and our staff we have achieved this reputation in the community—and many others have noticed as well. In the spring of 2010, The State of California recognized Old River Elementary School as a California Distinguished School. Bring on the new year... Go Wranglers!