School Mascot - Bulldog
    School Colors - Royal Blue/Grey
    About Us
    Buena Vista Elementary is rich in history. The school was established in 1875 at a nearby site and moved to the corner of Panama Lane and Buena Vista Road in 1914. Buena Vista derived its name from the early name give to the southern portion of the San Joaquin valley by Pedro Fages. Mr. Fages named the large lake located between what is now Bakersfield and Taft "Buena Vista" - "good view" in Spanish. After merging with the Panama district the school was modernized in 1991. Our beautiful campus is in a growing and vibrant part of our city... for now you can still look from our playground past green fields to the mountains that ring our end of the valley. Clearly a Buena Vista- Learning and Looking Good.
    Mission Statement
    To Inspire Our Learners to Become Dedicated, Lifelong Leaders