GRIT Hall of Fame

    Kevin Blankenship - "Kevin saved the day
    during Staff Development Days. Google accounts
    were not set-up for several staff member and
    Kevin created accounts so everyone could
    participate. He continually puts others needs
    ahead of his own."
    Sheryl Hutton - "Sheryl consistently and
    creatively comes up with ways to increase
    student learning, i.e., summer writing program
    and meeting with students and parents over the
    summer. Awesome!"
    Lisa Barton - "Lisa guided me as new teacher
    with many passionate ideas about teaching and
    modeling. Sets high positive standards for her
    students and team."
    Congratulations to these members of the PBV
    family who with passion and perseverance go
    above and beyond. If you know someone with
    GRIT, nominate him/her by clicking on the link at