My favorite place in Bakersfield
    Welcome to 7th grade!  At Actis we believe that your jr. high years can be some of your most exciting years.  Whether you are Read 180, AVID, Above Grade Level, or GATE, as a Putnam Kid, I will push you to work hard and master rigorous curriculum.  At times you will feel "stressed," but that is a good thing!  We have a lot of fun as well!  For a general overview of our language arts curriculum, please refer to the class syllabus link on the left hand side of the page. Parents and students may contact me via email.
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    *Oil Company School - Tripoli, Libya
    *TASIS (The American School in Switzerland) - Lugano, Switzerland
    *West High School - Bakersfield, California

    *California State University, Bakersfield - Outstanding Graduating Senior
    *University of LaVerne - Teaching Credential w/English Supplemental Authorizaiton, CLAD certification, CTAP I, CTAP II
    *University of San Diego
    *University of Phoenix
    Personal Information:
    Mrs. Putnam was born in Lawrence, Kansas while her parents attended KU, home of the Jayhawks! After spending her first five years traveling the U.S. oil trail from Oklahoma to Minnesota, the family moved to Tripoli, Libya where Mrs. Putnam attended school from 1st grade through 9th grade. She witnessed firsthand the effects of the 1967 Arab/Israeli war, a cholera epidemic, and the military revolution which removed the monarchy of King Idris and put Colonel Quadaffi in power as a military dictatorship. Colonel Quadaffi mandated that the United States Air Force Base leave Libya; thus, the only available high school left with them. All oil children were then sent to various boarding schools. Mrs. P chose Switzerland! Eventually, the family moved to Bakersfield where Mrs. P graduated from West High School and attended Cal State. She met a local Shafter boy, married, had four children, two boys and twin girls, and has lived here ever since. Her favorite things to do are TEACHING (her passion), spending time at her cabin hiking, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.