• Larimer Greetings to both students and parents of 8th grade PE Students @ Actis Junior High.

    As a Physical Education Teacher and Athlete, my goal for my students and their families as well is to instill in all an appreciation and value for physical activity, sports, & recreation that promotes health and fitness, ultimately resulting in a higher quality of life. The 4 four "C" of Common Core (Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thought, and Communication) are addressed through the medium of sports and a various game activities, all of which promote fitness.

    Initially this webpage is going to be very basic. In short, if my students dress out for PE daily, participate in all physical activities and occassional classroom activities, to the best of their ability, and demonstrate a wellingness to learn & cooperate with both teacher and classmates, they (Larimer PE students) will be successful.

    Mr. Larimer has taught for over 39 years, the last 25 in PBVUSD & currently serves the district as the Athletic Director responsible for the organization and administration of the after school sports program.  He was born and raised in Bakersfield, went to Bakersfield College and graduated from California State University Bakersfield with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, and a Masters degree in Curriculm and Development. 

    Any issues, please email at dlarimer@pbvusd.net

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