• Synergy TeacherVUE
    Attendance and Lunch Counts are taken daily in Synergy and can be accessed in a number of ways.     
          1.  Type into any web browser
               (Recommended: Chrome or Firefox).
          2.  Type \\Genesis\ into a web browser from the district.
          3.  Use Edupoint's TeacherVUE app.
          4.  The Synergy shortcut in the Teacher folder on most district computers.   
    Here is how to share and create classes in Synergy:

    Sharing Classes:
    • Log into Synergy. 
    • Click "Grade Book."
    • Choose "Manage Classes."
    • Teachers must share their main class with the other teachers who will have access to their students. This can be done by clicking on the main class in the “Class” section in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Then, teachers will click on “Staff” and add those staff members to the main class. (Make sure you check the boxes that appear to the right of the teacher's name.) Every teacher who is participating in these shared classes must add participating teachers to his or her main class.
    • Once all the main classes have been shared, students should be available to be added to various classes. 
    Creating a new class:
    • Log into Synergy
    • Click "Grade Book"
    • Choose "Manage Classes"
    • Create a New Class, give the class a name, pick the class type (Grade Book or Intervention), and make sure the teacher picks his or her main class as the "Parent Class"
    • Click "Save"
    • There's now a new class. The following video also explains how to create a new class: