• Clever is a wonderful tool for teachers and students! Here are two videos that can help you get started!
    In this video, Kevin Blankenship shows how to create Clever badges:  

    In this video, Clay McCombs explains how to push out an app to all student devices: 

    Here's a fun video to share with students regarding laptop care! 

    Here is a Google presentation that does a great job explaining the laptop. The presentation can be used to help educate students and fellow staff members. 
    Here are the steps for restoring the laptop to the original settings.
    Here are the steps for imaging the laptop. 
    Here are the steps for connecting your laptop to a projector.  
    Instructions for Wi-Fi connection (These directions must be done on each laptop before they have access to the hidden network.)
    Here is the main website for ubermix. This includes the ubermix blog and a lot of other interesting information. 
    Protocol for laptops that are not working. 

    Here is a headphone principals can order through the warehouse to be used with the laptops. (Please contact the warehouse for a quote for earbuds):
    Here are student permission slips that you can copy to your Google Drive: