Yosemite        Hello, my name is Jon Frank. This year I have an 8th grader too.  I have been teaching 23 years at the 8th grade science level. You can get a hold of me at jfrank@pbvusd.net   The course is broken down into 10 sections. The first is the scientific method, second is astronomy, third is heat, fourth is periodic table, fifth is chemical reactions, sixth is organic chemistry, seventh is motion, eighth is forces, ninth is density. Then we take the state test. After we take the state test we will make some rockets and fire them off at the end of a space unit. Each section has notes, lab work, and testing.
    Community Health degree,  B.S. Science degree, and Education credential from Oklahoma State University.

       Started college in Computer Science, then switched to Geology, then Physical Therapy, then worked as a Cardiac Lab Tech., then got degree in Community Health. Earned teaching credential from Oklahoma State University and a Bachelors of Science degree. I have authored two editions of Oklahoma rock climbing guide books and two editions of mountain bike guide books in California. Southern Sierra Mountain Bike Trails guide books sell in local bike shops here in Bakersfield and the surrounding regions. I have been a rock climbing guide in Oklahoma, California, and Wyoming and a raft guide for three years in Wyoming. I have lived over seas in Bulgaria between 1992-1993 and have traveled throughout the middle east and India. I have been teaching for 23 years and have taught 8th grade physical science the whole time and have taught over 6,000 students. I currently have a daughter in the 8th grade.




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Mr. Jonathan Frank

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