• Updated 3.19.20 

    Duties of Officers

    Duties of Officers

    Election Timeline for September 2020
    • TBD:  Intermediate classrooms select candidates and campaign managers.
    • TBD:  Candidates and campaign managers meet in the Library with Mr. Machado.
    • TBD:  Candidates turn in nomination forms, speeches, and posters into the office for approval.
    • TBD:  Campaign Convention Assembly at 1:45 in MPR.
    • TBD:  Online voting in the classrooms. Posters go home.
    2019-2020 Officers





    Director of Athletics:  

    Director of Safety:  

    Superintendent of Grounds:  

    2018-2019 Officers

    President:  Christian Olsen

    Vice-President:  Segen Von Flue

    Secretary:  Sara Hardin

    Treasurer:  Emma Woodland

    Director of Athletics:  Nevaeh Matthews

    Director of Safety:  Tylie Allen

    Superintendent of Grounds:  Ayva Pivovaroff

    2017-2018 Officers

    President:  Kali Figueroa

    Vice-President:  Chizi Okey-Dike

    Secretary:  Madison Dingee

    Treasurer:  KJ Frazier

    Director of Athletics:  Julian Saenz

    Director of Safety:  

    Superintendent of Grounds:  Segen Von Flue

    2016-2017 Officers

    President:  Aariana Harrison

    Vice-President:  Kali Figueroa

    Secretary:  Lyndsey Darling

    Treasurer:  Elijah Olsen

    Director of Athletics:  Isaac Cuellar

    Director of Safety:  Renee Wyatt

    Superintendent of Grounds:  Cameron Hudis 

    2015-2016 Officers

    President:  Ike Morgan

    Vice-President:  Chloe Maynard

    Secretary:  Haley

    Treasurer:  Bella Holbert

    Director of Athletics:  Anthony

    Director of Safety:  Jacob Blazer

    Superintendent of Grounds:  Renee Wyatt

    2014-2015 Officers

    President:  Aubrey O.

    Vice-President:  Ali D.

    Secretary:  Megan V.

    Treasurer:  Lindsey H.

    Director of Athletics:  Jakob T.

    Director of Safety:  Taylor S.

    Superintendent of Grounds:  Emily S.