• Jo Ellen Scott
    Library Information 

    The Thompson Library Media Center offers various services to the Thompson student.  Over 3000 junior high fiction books in hardback and paperback are available for student checkout in a wide variety of subjects and interest areas.  Over 5000 Non-fiction titles are available for checkout to students again geared for junior high students and their interests.  Most of the books support the Accelerated Reading program of the school.  The Reference section contains books to assist in the research process. 


    To assist in the learning process, the library has 30 computers available for students usually before school, on specified lunch periods (shown in weekly bulletin), and after school.  Students may take Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes with a pass from their reading teacher.  The Internet is available for research for school work with a pass from the student’s teacher.  Students must have their ID for Internet use, showing that parental permission for Internet use is on file.  Word Processing is available for school work only and students must show their notes or rough draft for computer use.


    SIRS Discoverer is an online database of periodicals and newspaper articles, almanac, dictionary and encyclopedia that is updated daily.  This program is available in the library on the computers, as well as at home, to assist students in their information gathering and research process.  Students wanting to use this resource at home should contact the library for the address and password.

    Book Circulation:
    • A current library registration card must be on file before any checkouts can be made.
    • The due date of a book is always stamped in the front of the book.
    • Library books are checked out for two (2) weeks and may be renewed one (1) time for a total of 4 weeks with a book.
    • Student must have the book with them for renewal.
    • Only two (2) library books may be checked out to a student at a time.
    • Checkouts are not permitted if the student has any overdue books.
    • One book may be checked out if a fine is owed.
    • Many reference books may be checked out overnight only, being due before school the next day.
    • Fines are $.10 per day with a four (4) day grace period on regular library books.
    • No grace period is given on reference and overnight checkouts.
    • Damaged books may result in a damage fee being assessed.
    • Overdue and fine lists are printed weekly and given to the reading teachers.
    • Refunds are made to parents for lost library books paid for and found in the current school year.
    • Books returned after school is out in June will not be eligible for refunds.