Welcome to 7th Grade Science

    NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) have been adopted by California and is in full swing here at Thompson. We will be exploring "Phenomena" in Natural Science which includes an Integrated Curriculum: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Students will be given Phenomena to explore and to develop skills to solve problems. Students will be working with partners or small groups using Scientific Inquiry-STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).


    Because your student will be going through life changes in their middle school years, both emotionally and physically, I've listed some information that can help your student be healthy, safe, and successful.  

    • Suspend electronic devices an hour before bed time (research shows the blue light from TV's and computer/phone screens disrupts the brain's ability to shut down to sleep)
    • Teens need 9-11 hours of sleep each night (they are physically growing during puberty and sleep is when they grow and repair cells in their brains and bodies)
    • Eat healthy: Please feed your child whole foods (veggies, proteins, and dairy) Packaged foods are usually GMO crops and have been processed to where there is no nutritional value-so the product has to be added with man made nutrients which our bodies may not absorb or be able to use. FEED YOUR CHILD FRESH WHOLE FOODS THAT CONTAIN THE NUTRIENTS THEY NEED AND CAN ABSORB. If possible buy organic food products. 
    • Be aware of their activities (yes they are older, but their brains are still developing and they may make bad choices not understanding the long term consequences) So check their phones, backpacks, and friends to help them develop habits and the social skills to have a successful year. 
    • Be aware of what they wear (modesty has been shown in research to create higher learning environment for girls. Modesty in dress takes away concerns girls have in their appearance allowing them to concentrate on school academics). Check t-shirts for appropriate messaging or graphics.

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    For the classroom: 

    • Be prepared 

    The first weeks of school can be difficult getting into the school groove. Help your student get organized and ready for school the night before, including going to bed early.

    Check your student's backpack each day for announcements and help them keep it orderly and easy to find things.

    Check to see that no expensive electronics or other items of value are being brought to school. 

    Students can have their own set of color pencils (recommended), pencils, and highlighters to use in class. (keep them in their binder or backpack)



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