• slow children sign

    Drop off / Pick up


    The front gate opens at 7:20 AM.
    Student Valet is available as you are dropping off your child. Please pull into the area designated by the cones.  Vehicles may not pull into the bus loop, and may not double-park in the street to drop off students.
    Supervised playground time is available between 7:20-7:50 AM. Our morning warning bell rings at 7:50 AM; at this time all students should line up for class.
    Kindergarten students may be picked up at the TK gate (east gate facing Mountain Oak Rd.) after the dismissal bell.  All other primary students will be walked out to the flag pole (front of school facing Ridge Oak Dr.).  Intermediate students will come out of the main gate by flag pole (front of school facing Ridge Oak Dr.) or the gate leading out to the staff parking lot (west gate facing English Oak Dr.).


    Please do not double-park or block the bus loop or crosswalk while picking up students.


    Thank you for driving slowly and keeping an eye out for all of our students!