• We encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom! Please make arrangements with the teacher in advance. FAQ

    1. What time does school start and release?
    Primary Grades (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) start at 7:50AM and release at 2:05PM
    Intermediate grades (4th,5th,6th) start at 7:50AM and release at 2:35PM
    EVERY WEDNESDAY is a 1 hour Early Dismissal.
    2. How do I keep my student from being late? What happens if my student is late?
    Gates open at 7:20AM 
    Students must be on campus BEFORE 7:50AM. Instruction begins at 7:50AM.
    If your student should arrive at 7:51 or later they are late. No exceptions.
    They will recieve a late slip and be marked tardy.
    ***If your student has an appt. and will be late please call and notify the office. A tardy can be excused with a doctor's note verifying the appointment.
    3. When are Parent Club meetings?
    Parent Club has two General Meetings each year that all parents are encouraged to attend. Parent Club Board Meetings are held monthly. They are also marked on the websites calendar.
    4. How do I come on campus?
    All visitors are required to check in through the office and wear a visitors' badge on the upper torso, in plain view.
    5. What do I need to register my child at Seibert Elementary?
    -Proof of residence
    -shot record
    -birth certificate
    -Physical and dental (K and 1st)
    6. How much is breakfast and lunch?
    Student Breakfast is 1.60 DAILY
    Student Lunch is 2.60 DAILY 
    ***if just purchasing milk its .25 cents
    Adults may purchase breakfast and lunch at a higher price.  
    7. What are your school colors and mascot?
    Our school colors are red and white. Our mascot is the raider!