•  Stockdale Library
    About Stockdale Library

    The Stockdale Library’s primary mission is to provide students and faculty with an organized accessible collection of reliable information sources allowing them to become independent information seekers. The library also serves a primary role to aid students in becoming aware of the important role that literature and the development of good reading habits play in becoming life long learners. 


    Library Behavior

    Respect the library materials (please take care of our books so that they may last a long time)

    Everything has a correct place ( use your shelf marker If you’re not sure where something goes, ask the librarian)

    Always share (Make an effort to complete your reading, other students may be waiting for that book)

    Don’t disturb others working or reading (The library should be a quiet place for students to read and work)


    Ø Enter the library quietly and sit at the table assigned to you by your teacher

    Ø Raise your hand if you need to speak or ask a question

    Ø Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself

    Ø Make sure to bring your library book if you have not already turned it in with the class

    Ø All students should be using shelf markers when looking for books within library shelves


    Grade Checkout Table



    Number of Books

    Checkout Period


    1 book

    1 week


    2 books

    1 week

    3rd– 6th

    2 books

    2 weeks



    Library Computers

    Stockdale offers several computers in the library for student use. Student library computers give them access to Renaissance Place, Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math etc. They also have access to our school library catalog prograDestiny Quest®. They may also utilize the library computers for research purposes if assigned by their teacher. Our computer lab is located elsewhere on campus but is accessed by students weekly with their class during their scheduled time.


    Open Library Schedule

     Other than scheduled class visits library is open to student use during the following times:

                   Before School – 7:30 to 7:45

                   First Recess – 9:45 to 10:20

                   Lunch Recess – 12:30 – 1:30


    Overdue Books

    Students are responsible for managing their books. They are notified verbally of any overdue materials when they come to library with their class. If a students book becomes a month or more overdue, a notice will be sent home with the student. Students will be unable to check out library materials until such time as their books are returned or they have paid the fine amount.

    If a fine has been paid and the book is later found and returned to the library, a refund may be issued but only during that current school year. Once the current school year has ended a refund will not be issued.