• A California Distinguished School   A California Distinguished School

    Tevis was named after a pioneer family who bought and ranched the land where the school is presently located. The student body is known as the Tevis Rangers. Tevis has 36 classrooms, including: a band room, a chorus/orchestra room, full physical education facilities with locker rooms, physical education activity room(s), two IIC classroom, a fully-equipped shop, and art room. All 7th & 8th grade students have access to 1:1 laptops in their math, reading, science, and history classrooms.  In addition, there is a full-service cafeteria and serving kitchen providing daily hot lunches. The library accommodates 60 students and provides over 15,555 volumes for student and teacher use. Library resources include a high-techmedia center, 24 computers with Internet access, and a computerized catalog.


    The multipurpose room seats 400 for lunch and approximately 650 for programs; the school gymnasium seats 800. The School Accountability Report Card was established by Proposition 98, an initiative passed by California voters in November 1988. The Report Card, to be issued annually by local school boards for each elementary and secondary school in the state, provides for parents and other interested people a variety of information about the school, its resources, its successes, and the areas in which improvements are needed. 

    In 1988,Tevis Junior High opened its doors, but even before that the process of a vision for Tevis began. The principal and staff came together around a belief that middle grade students have unique social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs, and a commitment to address these unique needs evolved. The vision and goals were solidified during the school's first year and remain strong and relevant. Parents, teachers, administrators, and trustees called for maintaining the District's goal of “Excellence in Education.” Caring, Connecting, and Committing to Growth along with community service emerged as the core themes around which Tevis could build upon. Specific academic goals are based on the District courses of study and Common Core State Standards. Progress towards the accomplishment of our goals is regularly monitored through performance indicators and annual self-studies, as well as department, staff, leadership team, parent club, and site council meetings in order to assure that we are addressing the current needs of our students.


    Because of our well-defined vision and goals, Tevis students develop attitudes that enable them to be lifelong learners, and they are actively engaged in their education through a variety of strategies.  Tevis Junior High School is committed to providing a learning environment and an instructional program that meets the needs of all learners. The goal of curriculum and instruction is to enable each student to acquire the academic, social and emotional skills necessary to compete successfully at higher academic levels and to exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. To this end, school staff, parents, the Board of Trustees, District administration, and the broader community work collaboratively and cooperatively for the benefit of each student.

    Taking pride in our outstanding academic climate and tradition of service to the school community, Tevis Junior High School is dedicated to preparing students to be productive and informed citizens of the 21st century. Our united team of dedicated teachers, support staff, students, and parents welcomes you to a school where traditional activities and events augment students’ academic learning experiences.