• Laura Paris Ms. Paris, Room P25, lparis@pbvusd.net

    Welcome to the Sixth Grade! Sixth grade is always a memorable year for students as they become the leaders of the school.  We love teaching sixth grade and have great things planned for the students!

    We provide a variety of activities to engage and enrich all of our students.

    In Social Studies, we study Ancient Civilizations.  We are planning on completing several activities that will highlight our curriculum. 

    We study many interesting areas of science such as the fundamentals earth science including topics such as ecology, geology, and plate tectonics.  We have planned a week-long field trip to Camp K.E.E.P. Ocean to study these concepts in depth.  Our trip is the highlight of many students' school year.

    Our Math curriculum challenges our students to go beyond basic skills and apply these skills to higher order problem solving activities. In order for your child to succeed in math, be sure they have mastered all basic math facts.  Students will be introduced to basic algebra, geometry, and statistics.

    In Language Arts, we prepare our students to be more effective readers and writers as they’ll be exposed to multiple genres. Students will also participate in writer’s workshop while focusing on the creation of strong pieces. Lastly, students will have ample opportunities to read and discuss novels as well as non-fiction pieces tied to the curriculum.

    Sixth grade is an exciting time as students emerge as "middle schoolers" with unique social, emotional, and academic characteristics. We look forward to working together to prepare for the transition to middle school! Parent support will be greatly appreciated throughout the entire school year.


    Ms. Paris and Miss Vieira (Mrs. Barrett) 

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