• Ellen Ansolabehere Welcome to the Ansolabehere's Aces webpage!  My name is Ellen Ansolabehere and I have been given the awesome responsibility of being your child's sixth grade teacher!  I thoroughly enjoy teaching and am very dedicated to making sure that each child in my class is taught with the same loving care I would show my own children.  Much of what I do in the classroom is based upon how I would like my children to be treated and how I would like to be treated as a parent by my children's teacher.  This year will be my 24th year teaching.  I have taught 1st, 1/2 combo, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grade now for nine years.
    I have been married for 26 years.  My husband is a self-employed CPA.  I have 3 step-children and 6 grandchildren.  A few years ago, I also became the guardian of my older brother who is developmentally disabled.  He lives with my husband and me.  We love spending time with our family.
    Contact me at 665-8099
    Email me at: eansolab@pbvusd.net

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