• Hello, I am Christine Self, 6th Grade Teacher, in order to guarantee your child and all of the students in my classroom the excellent learning environment that they deserve, I am utilizing the following Behavior Plan for this year.
    My Pholosophy
    I believe ALL students can behave appropriately in my classroom.  I will not allow a student to stop me from teaching and/or hinder other students from learning.
    Class Rules
    1. Listen and follow directions.
    2. Be kind/respectful to others.
    3. Finish and turn in all class work, homework.
    4. Work at the appropriate voice level.
    5. Be neat and orderly.
    6. Follow all school rules.
    If a child chooses to break a rule:
    1. Warning
    2. Lose priviledges and/or recess
    3. Parent note or phone call
    4.Sent to Principal/Parent Notified
    The following behaviors will result in automatic removal from the classroom to the principal-
    1. Physical contact (that is a harnmful act towards another person)
    2. Foul Language
    3. Disrespectful towards staff or adult

Class Announcements