• red apple Welcome to Second Grade at Miller Elementary School!  We will be having an exciting and busy year in our classroom.  My focus with your child is to enable academic growth along with a good social balance.
    Throughout the year several important papers and information will be sent home, please check your child's backpack daily.  This will also keep you informed of what we are working on in the classroom and how your child is performing.  I thank you for your continued support with success of YOUR child.
    One of the BEST ways to help your child succeed is to READ DAILY!! Read with your child and to your child.  Ask questions about the stories... Who are the characters? What is the setting?  What happened first, next, and last.  Not only do we want our children reading, we want them to understand what they are reading.
    Homework packets will be sent home every Friday and are to be returned the following Thursday.  Make sure to check the completed packets for any mistakes before your child turns it in... incorrect answers, backwards letters/numbers, etc. and have your child correct them.  If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me by calling the office or emailing me.   

    I am looking forward to a positive and successful year!                                        !
    Ms. Kelli Vaughn