• Kayla Shayer Welcome to 6th grade! 
    Learning can  and should be fun and so to this end, I will embrace every opportunity to instill a love of learning through a range of different teaching modalities and schoolwork.  
    As an educator and as someone who believes in each of my students, I encourage them to bring their best self to class daily, to challenge ideas and create new ones, and to realize that through education each student has the power to write their own destiny.
    Our class website is a great resource for both parents and students in keeping up to date with what is currently being taught, knowing what has been assigned for daily homework (homework assignments can be found on the Daily Assignments site), and being up to date on school-wide activities.
    On behalf of our entire class, I thank you for visiting our website and invite you to contact me via e-mail should you have any further questions.

    Karla Schroeder 
       Phone: (661)665-9471
       Email:  Kschroeder@pbvusd.k12.ca.us