• Welcome to Third Grade at Stockdale Elementary School. 

    Our mission as teachers is to provide a wonderful learning environment that delivers instruction in  core standards through a variety of enriching academic, artistic, and athletic activities.  We believe that every child can learn; and to that end, we want our students to know and feel that they are supported every step of the way on their path to success.


    Third grade is an especially exciting year as students move through a more challenging curriculum that prepares them for fourth grade. Students will journey  through multiplication and division concepts as well as fractions and decimals --all of which require a solid foundation in addition and subtraction.  Writing is an essential skill, so our students get lots of practice with writing conventions and guided compositions.  Reading is the foundation for all learning.  Our core literature program provides new experiences and adventures in literary texts for all students.  Comprehension and fluency are essential skills that must be mastered at this level in order to build and instill students' confidence in all academic areas. 


    Parents, you can play a tremendous role in helping your child succeed by making sure you are kept abreast of all things going on in your child's classroom.  Please check  your teacher's site  regularly for updates on homework, due dates, and upcoming events.    You can help your child even more by providing a nice, quiet place for your youngster to work and read each night.  We encourage students to read a minimum of 20 minutes every night at home as it increases vocabulary, comprehension,  fluency, and speaking skills.  Thank you for support!



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