Our mission is to promote the academic achievement of all students by providing educational services to each school in the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District.

    The District's Instructional Services, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, provides support services in all areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to the District's 24 schools and Opportunity Program. The Department hosts student events and competitions, manages special programs, and supplies textbooks and instructional materials. In addition, staff provide professional development for administrative and instructional personnel, including training in the use of classroom technologies. Department staff act as liaisons to state and national departments of education, keeping schools informed on matters of subject matter content, statewide assessments, and federal and state categorical programs.

    The Department of Curriculum & Instruction provides information, resources, and support for staff and parents to support student learning. On this page you will find links to Department personnel, District news, event calendars, and information regarding textbooks, programs, student curricular events, and instructional resources.
    Instructional Services oversees the following Panama-Buena Vista Union School District departments: 
    1. Curriculum & Instruction
    2. Assessment/Accountability (Testing)
    3. Extended Learning Services/ACES After-School Program
    4. Special Services (Special Educational Services & Special Ed Summer School)
    5. Consolidated Programs
    6. Visual & Performing Arts
    7. Technology Training Center
    8. Curriculum Lab