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    District Webpage Best Practices
    When establishing links, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind:
    1.   Depending on the number and types of links you wish to create, consider using the Link Library and/or File Library pages/Apps.

    2.   The formatting chosen for a text link should not be used for anything else (ex: blue font that's underlined is often used for links).
    3.   Text links should be descriptive so that 'web readers' can decipher all the information and put this in context.  

    4.   Links to third party websites should be verified to be current and the url is correct.  

    5.  Third party websites and documents should open in a New Window. 
    6.   Finally, remember there are different options for establishing links depending on the type of link you wish to create.
    Here's the minimum way your webpage could look.
    Here's an example with the new "About Teacher" app.