Customizing Your Calendar View

  • Overview
    More than just a record of events and appointments, the Schoolwires' calendar far exceeds any other calendar in its class. The flexibilty to publish different types of events like Mandatory (cumpulsory) Events, Registered (sign-up) Events and to group events by color-coded categories, makes it easy for end-user to readily identify calendar events. From an end-user's perspective, using the Schoolwires calendar is made even more convenient by the Customized Calendar Viewing feature.

    Customized Calendar View
    Utilizing this features permits end-users to customize their view of the calendar by filtering in specific categories of events from any Site, Subsite, or Section calendar, to a single calendar. This is particulary helpful to parents who may have several children attending different schools within the School district. Instead of navigating from calendar to calendar or printing out multiple calendars, the customization feature permits the amalgamation of these calendars while selectively including only specific categories of events.

    Customizing Your Calendar View
    Let's assume as a parent-user, you have children attending two different schools in the district and you wish to subscribe to both schools calendars. To subscribe to these calendars, all you need to do is:

    Step 1.   Click on Customize Calendar View in the top left-hand corner of any calendar. Both the Calendar & Category options display.

    Step 2.   To add the specific school calendars as noted above:
                  a. Click the pencil icon next to Calendars. The 'add/remove' button displays.
                  b. Click 'add/remove'. The Site tab in the Choose Calendars window displays.
                  c. Select the school calendars from the list of schools calendars.

    Having chosen the specific school calendars, you are now ready to filter-in only those categories of events in which you are interested.

    To filter in specific categories of events:

    Step 3.   a. Click on the pencil icon next to Categories. The 'add/remove' button display.
                  b. Click 'add/remove'. The Select Categories window displays.
                  c. Click in the check-box corresponding to the Event Categories to be included in the
                         custom view.
    Step 5.   Click I'm Done. The customized view of the Calendar with the selected categories of
                     events displays.
    To customize your calendar view that includes other than main District or School Calendars:
    Step 6.   Follow Steps 1 & 2 above.
                    a.   When the Site tab in the Choose Calendar window displays, click on Other Areas
                            tab. The Other Areas window displays.
                    b.   From the drop-down lists, select the preferred Site, Subsite, and/or Channel for
                           the calendar(s).
                   c.   Click in the check box of the preferred calendar(s)
    Step 7.  Click I'm Done. The customized view of the Calendars with ALL categories of events