• Welcome Kniffen's Minions!
    I am so excited for this school year.  Your students are going to learn so much!  We will be diving into some very fun activities that involve learning about the alphabet, numbers, reading, writing, science, animals, good manners, and so much more!  I will continually be bringing new and fun activities to the classroom to ensure that your children have the best possible learning experience.  Be sure to ask them what they have learned each and every day!  There's a "minion" reasons to love kindergarten, so get ready for some fun learning! :) 
    Mrs. Kniffen
                                     Miss Morrissey                             
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
    Here is my contact information:
    Trisha Kniffen
    Room: 4 and 5
    Phone: 324-6539
    Email: tkniffen@pbvusd.net (Make sure you use your child's name in the subject line)