Direct Interactive Instruction, or DII, is an efficient, effective, and research-based approach to closing the achievement gap. DII strategies guide teachers to disaggregate and sequence even the most difficult concepts at the highest levels of cognition and achieve a high success rate with all students. DII delivers a comprehensive schema for teachers, coaches, and principals to ensure every student is interacting with content from bell to bell.

    Using Academic Learning Time as the centerpiece for DII and its components transcend, expand and deepen familiar DII strategies. Academic Learning Time includes all available time, time allocated to instruction, and the engagement rate of students during the allocated time. When allocated time is equal to available time, and students are highly engaged, the result is a higher success rate.

    Direct Interactive Instruction involves consistent, persistent, and creative application of four components: (1) Standards and Measurable Objectives, (2) Lesson Structure and Sequence, (3) Student Engagement, Feedback, and Correctives, and (4) Proactive Classroom Management. Each of these essential components has identifiable, explicit, observable characteristics that differentiate it from the other three and from traditional approaches to instruction. DII as a set of teacher planning and delivery techniques can be applied to all content areas and grade levels.