Graduation Ceremony: Each Panama-Buena Vista Union School District junior high will hold their graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 30, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. in their school gymnasium. The ceremony will be simple, yet dignified, and will provide students with the opportunity to be recognized. Students are expected to come to school at the usual time to take attendance in their first period class and prepare for the graduation. Following the ceremony, graduates may go home with their parents/guardians or return to class until dismissal. Bus transportation will be provided to and from school according to the last day of school, early dismissal schedule. Due to limited seating in the gymnasium, only two tickets will be distributed to each graduate for their guests. Please note that every person entering the gymnasium must have a ticket. No teens or children can be admitted to graduation without a ticket and must be accompanied by an adult. Graduates will be given their two tickets in late May when more information about the ceremony is provided. The school cannot replace lost or misplaced tickets.

    Graduation Dress Requirements: Keeping the simple, yet dignified theme in mind, it is recommended that graduates wear nice school clothes to the graduation. At all times the school dress code must be followed. Students who do not abide by the dress code will be asked to alter their attire or not participate in the ceremony.

    Graduation Protocol: In an effort to maintain a proper graduation environment, the following items will not be allowed into the gymnasium: balloons, flowers, strollers, air horns or other noise makers, and other items that may disrupt the ceremony or obscure the vision of others. Adherence to these guidelines and the dress standards assures that no student draws attention away from other graduates and in any way spoils the overall tone of the ceremony. During the ceremony, you will not be allowed to leave your seat and approach the graduate seating area in order to take pictures. Photographs may be taken after the ceremony.

    Parking: Parking at the school site is limited so guests are advised to park on the streets in close proximity to the junior high school. Parents/guardians may choose to walk from home or car pool to reduce the number of cars near the campus.

    Graduation Activities: Each junior high school will provide additional, site-specific information about the graduation ceremony and other activities for graduates such as the awards assembly, dance, or Magic Mountain trip later this spring.

    Please feel free to contact the school site if you have any questions about eighth grade graduation.