Intermediate & Junior High Oral Language Festivals

     (Grades 4-8)

    Each year, individual district schools host an oral language event at their site in anticipation of sending top performers to the District Oral Language Festivals (OLF). The spirited events allow students the opportunity to select, interpret, and perform literary works from various genres. Students memorize and present their interpretation of a published literary work written by a known author. Presentations are 3-5 minutes in length. Categories of competition are: Humorous Interpretation Solo, Humorous Interpretation Duo, Serious Interpretation Solo, Serious Interpretation Duo, and Verse Choir. These two evening events (elementary and junior high) contain the largest number of student participants district-wide of all academic competitions. Community members, board members, and off-site District personnel are invited to judge the student performances at individual schools. School champions from each of the five events continue on to compete in one of two District Oral Language Festivals. Two representatives from each of the District OLF categories for both elementary and junior high represent Panama-Buena Vista Union School District at the Annual Kern County Oral Language Festival.
    Important Dates for 2019-20:
    • District JHS (Grades 7-8)  Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 6:30 PM (students check-in at 6:10 PM), Stonecreek Junior High School, 8000 Akers Road
    • District Intermediate (Grades 4-6) OLF, Thursday, December 3, 2019, 6:30 PM (students check-in at 6:10 PM), Stonecreek Junior High School, 8000 Akers Road 
    • County Oral Language Festival (grades 4-8), Saturday, February 22, 2019, 8:45 AM - 1:30 PM, Stonecreek Junior High School, 8000 Akers Road.

    Student & Guest Event Etiquette

    • Students are kids and they should have FUN when competing.
    • Teachers, parents, and students should demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. Remember that children take behavior cues from adults.
    • Judging is a subjective process and judges’ decisions are final. Judges volunteer their time to make student events possible and should not be harassed. If you have a complaint, please find the event coordinator to express your concerns.
    • We are guests at our event venues, please be courteous and respect the property of others.
    • Do not enter or leave a room during a presentation.
    • Avoid unnecessary noise during a presentation. Small children or babies should be expected to sit quietly or be taken outside if noisy.
    • Turn off all electronic devices (cell phones, etc.) when in a competition room.
    • No photography or videotaping is allowed during the competition.

    The District is always excited to see children participate in the OLFs each year. The events can be incredible motivators for students and enhance creativity, character, and public speaking skills. Competition is demanding, but offers rich and rewarding experiences, regardless of event ranking. We extend our congratulations to all student participants, but recognize that not all competitors will advance to the County Oral Language Festival. We encourage children to focus on the lessons learned during the competitive process, rather than on the final results.

    Thank you for supporting your children in their academic pursuits. We wish you an exciting event full of rich experiences.

    For additional information or questions, please contact Susie Smith, Curriculum Specialist, at (661) 831-8331, ex. 6146, or by email at susmith@pbvusd.net.  

    Students placing in the top two "Representative" positions at the District OLFs, will continue on to the County competition. Alternates should continue to practice in case a Representative(s) cannot continue.