The Instruction Services Division of the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District, directed by Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Pam Bianchi, encompasses the departments of Assessment and Accountability, Consolidated Programs, Curriculum and Instruction, Extended Learning, Special Services, Technology Training Center, and Visual and Performing Arts. In total, the Instructional Services Division supports a wide-ranging staff of over 60 personnel.
    A central team of teacher specialists TK-8 provides support to teachers and administrators. They facilitate groups of teachers who review standards, recommend instructional materials, and develop support materials for all teachers to use. ESL specialists are also part of the team to provide support for all learners. The team provides district-wide professional development, and supports other staff in regional or school-based professional development.

      • Standards
     • Assessment
     • Instructional Materials
     • Teaching Strategies
     • Professional Development
     • Language Arts (reading, speaking)
     • K-8 Mathematics
     • K-8 Science
     • Career and Technical Education
     • Personalized Learning Requirements
     • Library and Information Literacy

    The expert teachers can also provide school support for:

     • Instructional coaching
     • Data-driven discussions
     • Facilitating professional learning groups
     • Differentiation in lesson planning

    The Instructional Services, Department of Curriculum & Instruction team and clerical support staff look forward to assisting you with all your curricular needs. Staff can be reached by either telephone at (661) 831-8331 or email (extensions and email addresses listed below). Thank you.             

First Name Last Name Title/Position Responsible Curricular Areas Email Contact Extension
Dr. Pam Bianchi Assistant Superintendent Instructional Services Consolidated Programs, Curriculum and Instruction, Music, SELPA/SPED pbianchi@pbvusd.net 6102
Laura Klugow Administrative Secretary Sr. Instructional Services, Curriculum and Instruction lklugow@pbvusd.net 6102
Brandie Dye Director of Innovation and Improvement Shepherd LEAD Schools, UVA Liaison, Castle SIG, LEAD Schools Expansion bdye@pbvusd.net 6244
Rafaela Lopez Instructional Services Coordinator Induction Program, Intern Programs, Parent Involvement/Institute, Professional Development ralopez@pbvusd.net 6153
Julie Campos Administrative Secretary (Espanol) Induction/Intern Programs, LEAD Schools Projects. Castle SIG, PD Support jcampos@pbvusd.net 6154
Susan Smith Instructional Services Coordinator ELA/History Curriculum, Early Literacy, MTSS – Academic, ELD, History Day, Oral Language, Bank of America susmith@pbvusd.net 6146
Kristin Angelo Instructional Services Coordinator LCAP, AVID, PBIS, MTSS – Behavior, Henry Greve, SST #1  kangelo@pbvusd.net 6151
Lauren Mawson Instructional Services Coordinator Math/Science Curriculum, Academic Coach Support/Training, Curriculum Lab, Science Fair lmawson@pbvusd.net 6152
Amy Brakeman Instructional Services Coordinator LEAD Schools Support, Castle SIG, STEAM Programs, LEAD Schools PD/Expansion abrakeman@pbvusd.net 6182
Jill Morrison Instructional Services Coordinator Professional Development, Data-Driven Instruction, Illuminate Training/Support, PLC, Math Counts, Math Field Day jmorrison@pbvusd.net 6479
Melissa Beaury Instruction Materials Clerk District Curriculum Lab mbeaury@pbvusd.net 6126
Dr. Valerie Park Director of Assessment, Curriculum & Technology CAASPP and Assessments, Data Analysis and Reporting, Curriculum and Instructional Materials. Instructional Technology vpark@pbvusd.net 6349
Dr. Jason Hodgson Director Professinal Development Professional Development, Induction/Intern Programs, New Teachers Support, Principal PD jhodgson@pbvusd.net 6379
Eva Brito Account Clerk I PD Registration, Units Record Keeping, Liaison with HR/Payroll, PD Budgets ebrito@pbvusd.net 6240
Michelle McKee Administrative Secretary Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction, Technology, Programs and Events mmckee@pbvusd.net 6349
Kathy Josephson Instructional Services Coordinator Professional Development, Family Life Training, New Teachers, Equity Support kjosephson@pbvusd.net 6478
Samantha Rodman Technology Media Clerk Help Desk, Logins, Instructional Technology srodman@pbvusd.net 6342
Beatriz Garcia Educational Material Clerk Textbooks, Library Books, Print, Bookroom and Inventory bgarcia@pbvusd.net 6351
Shelly Tiffin Instructional Services Coordinator CAASPP/Illuminate, Library Support, Instructional Technology/Textbooks, Battle of the Books, C-5/Model Tech, GATE Program stiffin@pbvusd.net 6287
Wilknica Jefferson Intervention Counselor Intervention Counselor wjefferson@pbvusd.net 6378
Dionne Wood Instructional Services Coordinator Preschool Programs, ACES & Day Care Link to Core Curric., SPED Pre-K Link to Gen Ed Pre-K, Kinder. Readiness/TK Support kwood@pbvusd.net 6196