• Sandrini Elementary School


    (Observation of Instructional Program by Parents)

    From Adopted District Administrative Procedures



    Who May Visit: The right to observe a child’s instructional program during classroom time resides solely with a child’s parent, legal guardian, or foster parent and does not extend to grandparents, other interested close relatives, or caregivers as defined in Family Code Sections 6550-6552.  A grandparent, close relative, or caregiver may schedule a classroom visit if a parent has provided written permission and the classroom teacher consents.  Visits by grandparents, close relatives, or caregivers must be scheduled through the Principal rather than the classroom teacher.


    Scheduling: Visits shall be scheduled by the classroom teacher for a time and date convenient to both the parent and the teacher.  The parental observation date shall be within a reasonable time frame following the initial request. A request for a specific date must be made no less than 48 hours in advance.


    Frequency and Duration: To minimize interruptions and distractions during valuable classroom time, parental classroom observations are limited to two visits per month per related student with a maximum duration of one hour per visit.  If there is a need for more parental observation, additional visits may be scheduled through the Principal.


    Parental Conduct During Classroom Visitation: Parents may enter and exit the classroom only once during each visit.  Parents shall remain in the back of the classroom and may not interact with students or the teacher unless the interaction is initiated by the classroom teacher.  Unnecessary noise and/or movement must be kept to a minimum.


    The classroom teacher may direct a parent to leave the room if the parent’s presence or conduct unduly interferes with the instructional program, and the parent must leave the classroom if directed to do so.  Any concerns or complaints may be addressed directly to the classroom teacher after regular school hours or to the Principal.


    Violation of Classroom Visitation Rules: A violation of the classroom visitation rules may be resolved by the classroom teacher through counseling the offending parent privately.  If this form of correction is not effective, the Principal may, as  necessary, temporarily preclude a parent from visiting his/her child’s classroom during regular school hours for a period of time not to exceed 14 continuous days.


    When a parent has been precluded by the Principal from visiting his/her child’s classroom, the parent may appeal the decision to the District’s Assistant Superintendent in charge of Educational Services who will investigate and consider the matter in a timely fashion.



    Education Code Sections 32212, 35160, 49091.10, 51101

    PBVUSD Board Policy 1250