• Progressive Discipline Plan 

    Level 1

    Progressive Discipline for Levels 1 and 2


    Disregards rules

    Failure to keep hands and feet to self

    Failure to line up when the bell rings

    Inappropriate items (electronic devices, water pistols, toys, cards, etc.)

    In unauthorized area or no hall pass


    Possession of unauthorized food, gum, candy, seeds, drinks, etc.

                Unprepared for class


    Step 1:Teacher will speak privately with student regarding inappropriate behavior; fully investigate behavior and conference with all students involved in effort to correct behavior; assign classroom consequence.


    Step 2:Teacher may relocate student in effort to correct behavior; discuss inappropriate behavior second time; assign 2ndconsequence.


    Step 3:Student completes “Behavior Log” form; temporarily placed in buddy teacher’s class; review behavior plan with student and assign detention; missed assignments made up as hw; contact parent re: behavior and detention.


    Step 4:Teacher will request a parent conference; may request an SST.


    Step 5:Referral; call office to notify (do not send up)office will call when someone is available to see the student;principal or principal designee will call home; possible suspension.

                                      Level 2


    Disrespect/defiance to school staff or volunteers

    Disrespect towards other students

    Failure to serve detention

    Forging a signature and/or note

    Inappropriate language (name calling, profanity, etc.)

    Inappropriate use of classroom/school equipment

    Lying, cheating, stealing, gambling, etc.

    Not walking in hallways

    Spitting, spit wads, food throwing

    Violation of the school dress code

    Level 3

    Progressive Discipline for Level 3


    Damage to school or private property including defacing school property

    Fighting on or off campus

    Inappropriate language or discussion: Obscene gestures, possession of indecent materials

    Insubordination: mocking or sarcasm with teachers/staff

    Knowingly receiving stolen property

    Physical aggression towards others fighting or horseplay that incites a reaction

    Possession of matches or lighters



    Step 1:Teacher will fully investigate the incident.


    Step 2:Teacher will decide if referral to the office is necessary. The principal or principal designee will either call the classroom for the student or come to the classroom and pick-up the student.


    Step 3:The principal or principal designee will contact parents regarding the behavior.


    Step 4: The student may be suspended.


    Level 4

    Progressive Discipline for Level 4



    Assault/serious threat of physical harm during school activities


    Harassing, threatening or intimidating a student, teacher, staff or witness

    Lewd, indecent, obscene, or offensive conduct

    Possession, trafficking and/or under the influence of any illegal controlled substance, alcohol, tobacco or weapons or look-alikes

    Possession of “how to” information on: weapons, bombs, dangerous or illegal substances

    Sexual harassment or sexual misconduct


    Step 1:Student Referral to office and immediate notification to District Administration.


    Step 2: Principal or principal designee will call Police/Sheriff as necessary; suspension.

             – Possibly referred to expulsion hearing.




    Any reimbursement for damages is the responsibility of the student. This discipline program does not supersede District

    Policy on pupil suspension and expulsion, nor does it supersede the Education Code of the State ofCalifornia.

     Students can be suspended or recommended for expulsion for violations of those codes and policies as well. All consequences

     are at the discretion of the principal or principal designee.