• Student Discipline Code
    The staff and administration of the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District believe every pupil should have the opportuinty to learn the skills and values which are critical to personal development and social order in a free society.  The Board of Trustees has established goals which emphasize the need for each student to strive to:
    1.  Learn and use the fundamental skills;
    2.  Think with clarity and freedom;
    3.  Develop and maintain a sound body and mind;
    4.  Participate in the demosratic process;
    5.  Develop self-esteem; and
    6.  Improve human relationships.
    In order to achieve these goals it is necessary for students to behave in ways which are conducive to maintaining a safe, orderly humane, and effective learning environment.  It is the District's belief that every student has the right to learn in a safe and encouraging setting.
    Because no one has the right to abuse any person or the shared physical environment, behaviors that will not be allowed are outlined for your information.  Also outlined are the possible consequences of engaging in such behviors.
    Please read and discuss this code with your children.  With your assistance and cooperation, the District will strive to provide the best possible learning environment for your child.
    Responsibility of...
    Respect authority of teachers, principals, and other staff members.Reinforce in home appropriate behavior at school.Assist in the development and enforcement of school rules.Establish clear rules, expectations and responsibilities.
    Behave in a manner that does not disrupt the rights of other students to learn.Review school rules with children.Develop concise classroom limits for students to follow.Support teachers with disruptive students and hold parent conferences.
    Follow school rules and attend all classes assigned daily and on time.Cooperate with school officials in carrying out appropriate discipline penalties.Communicate with students and parents regarding behavior problems and solutions.Establish system of reminders for students concerning rules and their limits.
    Seek out guidance for assistance in correcting misbehavior of student.Set procedures for discipline and everybody's part in the procedures.