• Contraband
    Contraband refers to items that are not allowed at school.  
    Toys-Toys are an unnecessary distraction to the learning environment and shall not be brought to school unless permission has been granted by the teacher for use during "sharing period."
    Electronic Devices-Electronic devices are prohibited at school.  To avoid theft or damage they shall be left at home.  Cell phones are allowed, however a permission slip is required, and they must be turned off and in the student's backpack the entire school day.
    Permanent Markers-Sharpie brand or any other permanent markers are not allowed at school. 
    Pets-All animals are prohibited from school grounds at all times, this includes before and after-school, and any time during non-traditional school days or hours.
    Weapons-Students may not bring any weapon of any sort to school at anytime.  This includes kitchen knives, pocket knives, sling shots, any type of gun "real" or otherwise, or any item that could be used to threaten, intimidate or hurt another.