• About our School

    Stine Elementary School, located in southwest Bakersfield, is one of 23 schools in the Panama-Buena Vista School District. Approximately 750 students are enrolled at Stine School. More than 30 regular classroom teachers and three special education teachers are housed in classrooms and portable classrooms on the Stine School campus. District support personnel for the instructional progam include visiting instrumental and vocal music specialists, a certified English Language Development (ELD) progam tutor, and a speech pathologist. District pshychologists, nurses, and curriculum specialists also provide support as needed.

    Our Mission Statement
    Stine Staff, students, and parents work collaboratively to provide a quality education, with exceptional services and effective resources to ensure learning.
    Our Vision Statement

    We envision that Stine Elementary will be a safe and secure environment in which our students will learn. The Stine Staff, parents, and the community will work collaboratively to nurture a positive and productive learning climate for all students. Students will be encouraged and taught to solve problems and make decisions that benefit themselves and others. Student achievement will be assessed continually to monitor progress. Teachers and students will be empowered and held accountable to high standards, not only academically, but in conduct as well. Stine Elementary students will be encouraged to be responsible, respectful, self-disciplined members of the community.

    Our Smart Goals
    Goal #1
    Students will increase a minimum of one performance level per year until Advanced/Level 4.   (English Language Arts & Math)
    Goal #2
    English learners will increase a minimum of one language proficient level per year until reclassified FEP.
    Our TARGET – We will have a 5%-10% DIBELS and state testing proficiency growth in each grade level.