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    Dear Stonecreek Parents, Guardians, Students, and Community Members:


    I chose to become a professional educator because I love learning, helping people, and developing healthy relationships. My enthusiasm for learning is something that I want to share with all students.  Enabling the pursuit of wisdom by providing all students with the best experiences, most effective academic environments, and greatest acquisition of skills is my objective as the assistant principal here at Stonecreek Junior High School.  Helping all students learn gives me a great sense of satisfaction, whether it is treating others the way that we all want to be treated, arriving on time, being prepared, focusing one’s attention, or the importance of comprehending, thinking critically, historical perspective, character development, problem solving, empathy, and scientific methodology in applying the knowledge and skills that one has acquired. Ultimately, I care deeply about each student in our Championship Stampede, and truly believe that every single student is capable of achieving extraordinary accomplishments in her or his life.  It is my job as their vice principal to encourage them all to realize that this is true, and then show them some of the apparatuses that they will need to assemble their conduit to such triumphs.  Safety, which is absolutely essential for quality learning, is always my number one priority.


    Please contact me at any time with any questions or concerns regarding our students’ experiences here as members of Stonecreek Junior High School’s Championship Stampede. 


    Email address: pcalley@pbvusd.net,

    FAX:  (661)834-6908,
    Direct telephone line:  (661)834-4521, Extension: 3511.




    Patrick Calley

    Assistant Principal

    Stonecreek Junior High School

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    Panama-Buena Vista Union School District

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