Welcome to the LEAP (Language and Literacy English Acceleration Program) Kindergarten Class at Loudon Elementary! 

    Ms. Sidhu


     I was born and raised in London, England and moved to CA in 1999.   I have worked in education in various roles since 2004 and have been a Kindergarten teacher since 2016. The LEAP  (Language and Literacy English Acceleration Program) Kindergarten class I teach (formerly named the SEI (Structured English Immersion) class) follows the same rigorous curriculum, high standards, and pacing as all the other district Kindergarten classes but with an additional intensive focus on the English language to meet the language needs of my students who all begin the year as Level 1 and 2 English Language Learners.  In my classroom we pride ourselves on the positive mindset that with effort, perseverance, the appropriate supports and scaffolds, and hard work, we can achieve and exceed all our educational goals.  I encourage my students that mistakes are okay because they are the necessary stepping stones to learning and are proof that they are trying.   Our classroom is a happy place where we are family and foster a love of learning, support each other's learning, and celebrate each others successes, however big or small.  A home-school partnership forms our classroom's strong foundation, and I provide my parents with the resources, strategies, and frequent updates about how their student is doing so that together we can ensure they are achieving at their very best throughout the year. 

     I am proud to be a member of the fabuolous Loudon family!  We are a team dedicated to developing successful learners by problem solving, teamwork, and creating growth mindsets.  My goal in my classroom in this critical foundational year is for my students to develop a love of learning, and start their journey of becoming lifelong learners who know that they are capable beyond measure of achieving all their goals if they put in hard work, stay positive, and never give up.

    Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.  Malcolm X  


    Contact Information:

    Phone: 661-398-3210 (Loudon Elementary)

    Email: ksidhu@pbvusd.k12.ca.us