Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Political Science, Cal Poly SLO Specialization: Domestic Policy - United States Minor: Child Psychology

Mr. Barry G. Hayes

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Student Quarter Goals

01 First Quarter - Colonial America: Struggle to Survive

Students examine the struggle to survive in Colonial America, including the religious, cultural, and social aspects of colonial/Native American society in tandem with environmental survival factors.

02 Second Quarter - American Revolution: Law and Order

Students examine the crafting of the American political system, including the American Revolution, the founding documents, as well as current legal realities including social justice issues that have roots in early American history.

03 Third Quarter - Manifest Destiny: “Taming” North America

Students examine America’s expansion in North America, including Native American genocide, impacts of the Gold Rush/Oregon Trail, and the American Civil War with the culture of slavery.

04 Fourth Quarter - Steam Powered Reconstruction

Students examine the reconstruction of America following the Civil War, including the advancement of factories and Industrial America, the influx of immigrants and their culture, and the culmination of the 1893 World’s Fair.